The Open Secret to a Self-Sustaining Business on Autopilot

What You’ll Learn In This Course

Build Your Own Success Story in Creating a Self-Sustaining Business

You have already built a successful, thriving business.

The revenues are flowing, the clients are ecstatic, the employees are happy and productive, and the community is dazzled. 

But there is one concern that you the President, the founder, the owner has. 

For your business to continue to grow and thrive, you have to personally get involved with every single aspect of running your business. 

You sometimes wonder what would happen to your business if you didn't show up for a few weeks or for a few months.

Would your business continue to grow and thrive without you, or would it fall apart and disappear?

Here's what you will get when you sign up for this course. 

Get Real

You will discover three popular options for building a self-sustainable, scalable business on autopilot and learn about their shortcomings or limitations.

Get Clear

You will learn about the fourth option, an open secret, that the business management industry does not want you to find out. This secret can be your golden ticket to building a long-lasting business. 

Get Confident

You will follow the story of a fictional character who struggles to build a resilient business and have the tools to write your own success story along the way. 

Get Free

This course will present a framework for creating the foundation for a self-perpetuating business so that you can carve out your own pathway in creating a sustainable business.

Get Alone

It's lonely at the top. This is not the kind of stuff you can think out loud in front of your team. This course gives you a private place for thinking about the issues of longevity and sustainability of your business. 

Get Contemplative

Creating a resilient business often is a journey that gives many rewards along the way. This course is your thinking spot that you can leave and come to again and again as you build an enduring business. 

Your Instructor:

Bhavesh Naik

Bhavesh has trained and coached over 1000 business professionals - Presidents, CEOs, managers and career professionals - in helping them build resilient, self-sustaining business organizations that can last beyond themselves. 

He has captured 22 years of his experience in Humanity Frameworkᵀᴹ, an organizational and cultural transformation methodology that honors, unlocks and channels the innate humanity of people and helps business leaders build organizations as a microcosm of the world they want to see.

When not designing courses, recording training sessions and working with students and clients, Bhavesh takes every chance he gets to visit the beautiful Great Falls Park not far from his home in the Washington, DC area.

A Personal Note: This stuff is really close to my heart. If you accept my invitation and join me on this journey, I will do everything in my power to help you become successful. 

Spots on this free course are limited to 100!

Once we get to 100 enrollments, the course will be $97. 

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