Pushy or Pro?

Do you (or your team) sell products, services, or ideas in live-action situations to actual human beings? In 10 minutes or less, this 10-point quiz can tell you if your prospective clients see you as a trusted adviser or a pushy peddler (or exactly where in-between).

Start Your Journey from "Pushy" to "Pro"

The "Pushy or Pro?" quiz measures how your prospective clients perceive you or your sales team on the scale of "Pushy" and "Pro." Answer 10 simple questions above and we will give you a starting point for building your own sales methods that help you to be perceived more as a "Professional Adviser" and less as a "Pushy Salesperson."

Engaging, Interesting, Quick

The "Pushy or Pro?" quiz will engage you and interest you because the questions we ask are deeply relevant to your job as a human-to-human sales professional (or a manager of such professionals). It will be quick (or feel as if) because you will see that the person who designed the quiz (me!) has lived through what you live through everyday. A bit like talking to a friend, if you like. 

Easy, Simple, Essential

Afraid you will "flunk?" Let me assure you: You won't and you can't! If you have sold anything to a human-being, a product, a service or an idea, you already know what you need to know to take this quiz. Everything that you need to know is something you are already an expert on. The quiz is a series of multiple choice types of questions that requires you to know no more than what you already know. 

Relevant, Applicable, Private

We won't ask you about your favorite Disney prince or princess. Promise. Nor would we tell on you or judge you for who you are. Our only interest is in helping you improve your sales results. To that end, we will follow up with tips, tricks and strategies on how to be seen more as a "Pro" and less as "Pushy," but only if you want. (You can opt-out from the follow-up series of strategies and tips at any time. )

Actionable Score

The "Pushy or Pro?" quiz gives you a rating of how prospective clients perceive you on a scale of 0 to 100%. It also gives you an interpretation of your score so that you can act on that knowledge, change your behaviors, and improve your "pro" perception. 

Take it As Often As You Like

You can take the "Pushy or Pro?" quiz as often as you like.  After you review and put in practice our strategies for a couple of months, you may want to take this test again to see how you fare. We recommend you retake every couple of months or so, but we don't set any limits on how often you can take it. 

Challenge Friends & Coworkers

Share this quiz with your friends, coworkers, direct reports, or a boss by clicking the share button on this page. If they are reluctant, you may even give them a 3-click challenge. Simply ask them to go through the first 3 clicks and abandon the quiz if they don't feel like going further.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What's the cost to take this quiz?

Can I share this quiz with others?

Why are you doing this for free?

Will you send me emails?

What will you do with the information you collect?

Are you GDPR compliant?

Is your material copyrighted? 

I market online or sell products through my website. Will this quiz be helpful to me?

Is this yet another silly quiz about which Disney prince/ss I am?

Will it hurt to know the answer? Isn't ignorance bliss?

What if I fail? Who will know?

Will I learn anything new? I take so many of these quizzes and such and often come out feeling none the wiser or even disappointed.

If I know the truth, won't I have to do something about it? My hands are full already. I don't have the time or the energy to take on anything new.

Build Your Own Selling Methods with Our "Forever Workshop" by Email

Forever Workshop(TM) is a series of digestible "insight bombs" where you develop a series of insights into the craft of selling with an aim to apply them in the real world. In Forever Workshop, we deliver a series of little Insight triggers that teach you how to build your own selling methods in small, applicable chunks so that you can turn those insights into practical skills in your own selling world. 

Make Your World a Workshop

When your focus changes from "doing" to "learning,"  some of the stresses from the activity are dissolved and you get better at the craft of selling and relating. With each emailed tip, we bring you an insight-trigger, all you have to do is bring a little awareness. The result is what we call insight-based learning. Such series of insights build, over time, into an impactful punch that can explode your sales, your margins, and the quality of clients you work with. 

Get the Respect You Deserve

What's it like to be respected and appreciated, may be even admired for the value you bring to your prospects? What's it like to not be played games with? What's it like to be on a level playing field with prospects when negotiating? What's it like to be able to charge the fees you deserve and get respected for it? What's it like to be seen as "cut above the rest?" If you have wondered about such questions, you may want to stay on the "Forever Workshop by Email" we will send you after you have completed the quiz.  (Or opt-out when you like. Your call.)

Jump-Start Your Sales Results

When you build your own selling system, especially if you build it in small chunks, it brings you better results. You sell more stuff to more people and at higher prices, higher margins and leave less money on the table. We help you do exactly that in our series of "insight trigger" emails. The insights you develop into your selling behaviors transform your world into an ongoing, self directed sales workshop where you are continuously improving your selling methods and getting better results. 

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