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In 10 minutes or less, this simple quiz can tell you how well your team is functioning.

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Think of a group of people whose work performance you would like to evaluate. It could be your direct reports, your suppliers, your customers, or even a business that you are thinking of investing in or reporting on. Then click the button below to get started. 

Begin Your Journey to a Self-Sustaining Team Success

The key to building a self-sustaining, high-performing work-team is your own management theory.  Answer a few simple questions above and we will give you a starting point for building your own management theory that is:

Human Focused

Views people as living, breathing, human-beings, not dead, robotic, machine-things.

Simple and Essential

Goes to the most fundamental aspects of human condition, behaviors and interaction.

Immediately Applicable

Ready to be applied immediately to a specific, real-world situation or a business problem.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What's the cost to take this quiz?.

Zero. For now anyway. We reserve the right to charge in future if the price of food, clothing, and children's diapers goes up substantially in our corner of the world (Metro Washington, DC, USA).

Why are you doing this for free?

  • Simple: It helps us show you what we know about helping you manage the performance of your team in a way that's meaningful and valuable to you without having any strings attached.

  • Hopefully it will help you enough that you would want to get to know us better and find out more about what we do and how we can help you and your business. Or not. We have no expectations that we will end up having any business relationship beyond you taking this questionnaire.

  • Worried that you might end up buying something for us? Don't. Most people who take this assessment don't buy anything from us, nor do they feel obligated to do so.

  • Many stay in touch with us, however, as we put out more and more such resources to help them. Some don't. It's all up to them. No hurt feelings on our part one way or the other.

  • With your permission, we stay in touch with you over time with emails and social media. You control the frequency of the interaction with us, however, through the many mechanisms provided by today's email and social media technology.

Can I share this quiz with others?

Certainly. You can simply email or share the link to this page using the social sharing buttons provided.

Will you send me emails?

Yes, we will. Here's how it works.

After you have taken the quiz you will be shown the results on your screen. A copy of these results will also be sent to your email address. That email will also include a link to the questionnaire so that you can take it again in the future. It will also be useful if you started the survey but were not able to complete it.

After that first email, you will receive our Forever Workshop by Email which are weekly tips and strategies on how to build your own management theory so that you can build a self-perpetuating, self-sustaining, high-performing work-team.

At any point in time, you can remove yourself from the mail list by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link in the email.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are found here.

Is this yet another silly quiz about which Disney prince/ss I am?

We won't ask you about your favorite Disney prince or princess. Promise. Nor would we tell on you or judge you for who you are.

We will, however, follow up with tips, tricks and strategies on how to build their own business philosophies and management theories so that you can build a self-perpetuating, self-sustaining, long-lasting business success, but only if you want. (You can opt-out from the follow-up series of strategies and tips at any time. )

Nothing wrong with those silly personality quizzes, by the way. I took a Harry Potter quiz once and I came out as Ravenclaw. Who would have thought? My daughters think I should be Slytherin. Truth.

Will it hurt to know the answer? Isn't ignorance bliss?

Wherever you come out, let me assure you, the answers will be relieving and refreshing.

Have you ever gone to a doctor with some pain in the neck? Once you knew what was going on, you most likely felt a bit better. Knowing the truth about a situation makes you feel better because it relieves the emotional tug-of-war we subject ourselves to when something is not going right in a situation.

Also, you will have many ideas about what changes to make in your team, if any, to make it stronger, longer-lasting, and more engaging for everyone involved with it. This will give you a sense of power and control over your professional life and make you feel a bit better.

What will you do with the information you collect?

The information we collect help us get to know you better so that we can continue to bring you tools, resources, and learning experiences to make building and managing your business more effective.

The results of this survey are stored on a secure server where we can access them later if you want us to do deeper analysis. We may also use this data if we create team reports or more detailed reports on your business - but only if you ask us to.

You can ask us to remove all your data from our systems and servers at any time and we will do so within 3 to 5 business days. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service give you more details.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Not really. Actually, we may be, but I feel safer to say "no" for now.

Let me explain.

We have done everything possible to make sure that we are in compliance with most requirements of GDPR. But so much is left to interpretation - "gray areas," as they say - that we may not be fully in compliant yet in the strictest sense of the law.

According to some very strict interpretations of the GDPR law, we should not even be asking for emails and giving away our content for free to everyone. This would be like handing out candy in the streets for free forever. We feel that this is not be in the best interest of our business, as we do have bills to pay. We share our work in exchange for getting to know the folks who might benefit from what we do a bit better and continuing a dialogue with them - with their permission.

If you happen to live in the parts of the world where GDPR is applicable and the strictest compliance is important to you, you may want to not take this quiz.

Having said that, we are trying to understand the full spirit, intent, and the letter of the law as it plays out. We will continually update this page as we understand GDPR better.

Will I learn anything new? I take so many of these quizzes and such and often come out feeling none the wiser or even disappointed.

There is a simple way to find out if you will get value in taking this quiz. Go through the first 3 to 5 clicks and abandon it if you are not compelled to keep going. (Kinda like watching the first 5 minutes of a new Netflix show to see if you would get hooked.)

You may find that you are learning something new even as you take this quiz. We have designed the quiz so that even just the act of taking it will stir up some inspiration and ideas.

What is Team Performance Index? What is Awayre Quotient (AQ)?

Team Performance Index is a measure of the current performance of a work-team against its ideal capacity to perform and produce, presented as a quotient or a percentage. If you're into formulas, it can be written as: (How well a team is currently functioning)/(How well it can ideally be functioning).

Awayre Quotient (AQ) is our take on the idea of traditional Team Performance Index. With Awayre Quotient, we cast a wider and deeper net in evaluating team performance than most other similar tools.

We call out version Team Performance Index AQ.

There is a measure of subjectivity to this index, which can be minimized by having more and more people go through the questionnaire and aggregating (and sometime analyzing) the results.

Who should take Team Performance Index AQ?

Team Performance AQ is meant to be taken primarily by the team leaders of a team being evaluated. It can also be taken by the individual players in the team as well as others who interact or work with that team. 

  • Team leaders, managers, and supervisors.
  • Team members and contributors.
  • "Customers" of the team who the team is meant to serve.
  • People in the organization who are not a part of the team but work with or interact with it.
  • Members of the upper management to whom the team leader reports.

The higher the number of people who take the questionnaire, the more objective the aggregate results are. The more diversity there is in the perspective of the people taking the assessment, the more meaningful the results are.

Why should I take Team Performance Index AQ?

If you can suspect or identify with one or more of the following, you may benefit from taking Team Performance Index AQ:

  • Your people aren't as engaged as they should be or could be.

  • They don't work well with others and are difficult to manage.
  • They don't produce what they are capable of producing.
  • They engage in destructive and demoralizing behavior.
  • They don't stick around for long and leave just when you need them the most.
  • You need to figure out if one or more members of your team should promoted, reassigned, given training, or even fired.
  • You want to figure how much you need to delegate to your team - from "abdication to micro-management."

What do I get when I take Team Performance Index AQ?

  • Your Team Performance Index as a percentage, which is a measure of your team's performance against what's possible.
  • 3 “Alignment Scores” (Purpose, Strategy and Execution) that indicate how your team is aligned to its core. When alignment is high, your team operates with effortless efficiency. When it’s low, your team collects blockages that inhibit its growth and success.

  • 7 “Layer Scores” that indicate how 7 different faculties of your people are engaged in your team. When your people are engaged deeply, they can make miracles; when they are not, they become obstacles.

  • A 15+-page “Awayre Quotient Playbook” that includes a score interpretation guide and lays out ways to interpret and use the scores. It helps you define where you are so that you can build the next stage of your team's success.

  • A new framework - Awayre Quotient - for looking at your team in a way that no one else has ever talked about in any of the success, management and leadership literature.

  • A starting blue-print for building your own management philosophy to help you stage the next phase of your growth and success.

How is Team Performance Index AQ Different?

  • Most, if not all, team assessments primarily look at 2 human faculties: intellect and behavior. Team Performance Index AQ looks at 7 human faculties, making it much more comprehensive, in-depth and meaningful.

  • Most other team assessments make human intellect the focal point of their management philosophy. Team Performance Index AQ includes intellect in its management philosophy but is centered around a much more powerful dimension: human awareness.

  • Most team tests give you a score and leave it up to you to interpret it. Team Performance Index AQ comes with Awayre Quotient Playbook which includes a guide to help you interpret your scores.

  • Most other team assessments are one dimensional, giving you scores in one aspect of your business. Awayre Quotient is multi-dimensional, giving you three sets of scores (Performance Index, Alignment and “Layers”).

How does Team Performance Index AQ Work?

  • You answer - actually, rate on a scale - 10 questions about your team.

  • It takes a total of 5 to 10 minutes to go through the questionnaire.

  • At the end of the questionnaire, we display three sets of scores - Performance Index, Alignment and “Layers” - on your computer screen.

  • We also email you these same scores along with a link to “Awayre Quotient Playbook” - which includes a score interpretation guide - to help you dig deeper into the scores, for sharing with your team members and for future reference.

  • You enter a valid email address at the beginning of the questionnaire which helps us: 1) deliver the results to you by email, and 2) keep track of your data with unique identifiers.

What if I fail? Who will know?

Let me assure you: You won't and you can't fail! If you lead a team, part of a team, or interact with one, you already know what you need to know to take this quiz.

The quiz is a series of multiple choice types of questions that require you to know no more than what you already know. In fact, we encourage you to be exactly who you are when you take the quiz. It's your unique perspective that's important.

Is your material copyrighted?


We respect the intellectual property rights of others and expect the same with our own properties. We put a lot of time, effort, and energy into developing our content and expect it will be given proper credit and attribution when shared with others.

All out materials are copyrighted and protected under the Intellectual Property Laws as applicable. Sharing is allowed as long as you use our links with proper attribution. 

If I know the truth, won't I have to do something about it? My hands are full already. I don't have the time or the energy to take on anything new.

Our learning experiences are designed to work with your psyche effortlessly, becoming a part of your thinking, feeling and behaviors with ease. It is slow, incremental release of information which is made practical at the point of practical application.

We encourage you to take very small dozes of learning with us and the lessons will become a part of your life in very small and incremental ways, and gradually gather larger and larger impact in your team's results.

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