Tired of Other People's Sales, Management, and Business Philosophies?

Build Your Own. (We Will Help.)

We help you build a business, workplace, or sales team you always thought you would build by offering ongoing training programs, coaching sessions, resource libraries and a support network.

What You Thought Your Business Would Be

Do You Run a Business?

You have had a vision of how you wanted your business to turn out.

It may not be very clear. You may not give it much conscious thought. But it's there.

How much revenues you want it to bring in every year. How much you want it to grow year after year. How much of those revenues are realized as your net profits. What kind of position you want your business to be in the marketplace. How fast you want it to grow. How long you want that business to survive and thrive in the marketplace. And what kind of "exit strategy" you want for your business and for yourself.

You have an idea of what you wanted your business to be. In fact, you've this idea for a long time, starting from the day that you stepped in to your role as the Business Owner, CEO or President.

You have always known what you wanted your business to be. 

Can You Relate...?

  • Your sales, revenues, margins and profits are lower than expected.
  • Your profit and productivity levels are not where you wanted to see them.
  • You are uncertain about the longevity of your business.
  • Your business is not the size, success or image you wanted it to be.
  • Your are not growing at the rate you wanted your business to grow.
A Search on Amazon.com for "Business Management" Returned Over 600,000 Results

How Many Ways to Run a Business?

Wouldn't it be nice if someone just told you exactly how to run your business, manage your people, lead your teams, engage your customers, and generate revenues? If they did, you could fix all your problems and build the business, team or sales results you always wanted to build. 

Guess what? They have been telling you! A quick search on Amazon for the term "business management books" returns over 600,000 results. It's safe to assume that there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of philosophical models on how to build and run a business. 

The question is...

Whose Philosophy Will Work For Your Business?

There is only one answer, and you know what it is.

What You Thought Your People Would Be

Do You​​​​ Manage People?

You have had an idea of how you wanted your team to work. 

How much your people produce and what quality they produce. How your customers feel when they interact with the people in your team. How they show up to work. How they behave when they do show up. What kinds of skills, experience and expertise they bring to the team. What's their attitude - how they think and feel and what they believe - when they work. How passionate and engaged they feel towards their work, their team and their company. How long they stick around and how much they contribute to the success of your team and your company. 

You have had this idea for a long time, starting from the day you stepped in to your role as a department manager, a team leader, or a work supervisor. 

At some level, you have always known what you wanted your people to be. 

Can You Identify...?​​​​

  • Your people aren't as engaged as they should be or could be. 
  • They don't work well with others and are difficult to manage. 
  • They don't produce what they are capable of producing. 
  • They engage in destructive and demoralizing behavior. 
  • They don't stick around for long and leave just when you need them the most. 
Gallup Research Chart 33% of Employees Engaged, 51% Not Engaged, 6% Actively Disengaged.

What Does 33% Efficiency Look Like?

If you manage people, you are intuitively aware that they  are not performing at the level they are capable of performing.

Studies support this suspicion. A Gallup study shows that “16% of employees are actively disengaged — they are miserable in the workplace and destroy what the most engaged employees build. The remaining 51% of employees are not engaged — they’re just there.”

Just imagine, if you manage a team of six people, two of them are actively engaged, one of them is actively destroying the work of the others and the remaining three are “just there.”

This despite the fact that the number of management philosophies available to us probably are the highest we have ever seen in the known human history.

Have you ever wondered...

what causes your people to be disengaged?

What You Thought Your Sales Would Be

Do You Bring In Sal​​​​es?

You have an idea of what it's like to be successful in your role as a salesperson.  

If you have been a salesperson for a while, you may even have some specific ideas on what kinds of clients you get to deal with, how much fun it is to work with them, how many deals you close, at what price and margins, and how much effort you have to put in to get from starting a conversation to closing a deal. 

You have a pretty good idea of what it's like to be successful as a salesperson. You may not have written it down, you may never have told it to anyone, you may not even have given it much conscious thought, but it's there. It's always been there, from the day that you started in your role as a salesperson.

You have always known what you thought your sales career would be like.

Does this Sound Familiar...?

  • You don't always meet your monthly or quarterly sales and revenues targets.
  • Your closing ratio is low - too many opportunities are lost to competition.
  • You are not happy with the quality of opportunities in your sales pipeline.
  • You always have less prospects in our sales pipeline than you need. 
  • Your sales cycles are grueling; your prospects take too long to make buying decisions.
  • Your prospects complain about your prices and comparison shop you to your competitors.
Google Search for "Sales Training Programs" Shows Over 81 Millions Results
Graph of a Hubspot Study Shows Only 3 Percent Think Salespeople Are Trustworthy

How Many Ways to Sell Something?

A google search on "sales training programs" returns more than 80 million results. Needless to say, there are thousands upon thousands of selling systems being taught around the world. 

Despite this, or maybe because of it, salespeople are considered some of the least trustworthy people, only slightly above politicians and lobbyists. 

According to a report by Hubspot Research, only 3% of people consider salespeople to be trustworthy. If you have something to sell to someone, you are starting at a tremendous disadvantage. And the selling systems that people want to sell to you may not be much help, assuming you can figure out which one to pick to begin with. 

Think About It...

WHAT is the root cause of Your sales problems?

And how would you fix it?

Traditional Business Theories View People as Machines

Most of the management theories in circulation today have their roots in the Scientific Management Theories developed in the 1880’s (that was more than 130 years ago!) by a fellow named Frederick Taylor. This was the time of Industrial Revolution and people were fascinated, even infatuated, by machines. Taylor, like most managers of the day, viewed people as machine-parts and the business as a giant machine. He and many of his contemporaries were obsessed with how efficiently a task could be performed.

This mentality - of seeing people as things to squeeze out the maximum productivity from - is buried deep inside the psyche of even most modern managers. One of the most cliche’d sayings of the business world - “People are our most important asset!” - has its roots in this mentality. An asset is a thing to own and profit from, not a living, breathing human-being to inspire and appreciate so they feel compelled to bring their best selves to work. 

It's Not Your Fault...

The fundamental cause of all your problems in running business, managing people and selling things is two-fold...

  • You are using - perhaps unintentionally - other people's philosophies, theories and methods, and
  • Those philosophies, theories and methods were developed with the belief that human-beings could be managed like machine-things.  

We have put man on the moon and brought him home safe. We carry in the palms of our hands what used to be a giant supercomputer just a few decades ago. But we still work with and manage people the way we did when the Egyptians built their pyramids and the Romans built their cities: by owning those we lead and using fear to get them to do what we want them to do.

The fundamentals of our business management have not changed much in the last few thousand years, the core of which is to see, work with, and manage people as "things." If you are to change the results you get in working with people, you can't build on the existing mindset. You will have to start with a clean slate. I present to you a new mindset, a new way of working with people. 
I bring you The Way of Awareness.

Bhavesh Naik Photo Cropped

Bhavesh Naik

Founder, Creative Director, Awayre, LLC

What's The Solution?

If you want to fix these problems, you have to do two things:

  • Build your own business philosophy, management theory and selling methods, not buy into someone else's and try to make them fit your world, and
  • Build them around the idea of people as living, breathing, human-beings, not dead, robotic, machine-things.

Build Your Own Business Philosophy

With no fault of your own, you have most likely picked up other people's business philosophies, management theories and sales methods.

You could not have helped it. They are all around us. They have been taught - in grade schools, technical institutions, business courses, and in on-the-job training - sometimes consciously, but mostly unconsciously. They have been passed down generation-to-generation. You could not have escaped it. If you were in a business career, you had no choice but to pick them up. 

Until now. Now that you are aware of this fact,  you can examine your philosophies, theories and methods in running a business, managing people and selling products and services. And once you take a closer look, you can begin to change them, but only if you need to. 

The way we see it, there is only one solution to all your problems in running a business, managing people and bringing in strong sales at healthy margins: Build Your Own. Build you own business philosophy. Build your own management theories. Build your own sales methods.

This does not mean that you throw away everything you know and what you have learned. This does not mean that you ignore the best practices being taught by others. 

But it does mean that you build your own framework that works for you and then tweak it, change it and evolve it as you grow. 

If you are on-board with this idea, the next questions may be: 1) Where do I start? and 2) How do I go about building my own human-centric business philosophy, management theory and selling methods? This is where we can help.

What We Do

We teach you how to build your own business philosophies, management theories, and selling methods that are designed around the core idea that people are complex human-beings, not simple machine-things. 

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Who We Work With

We work with business presidents and CEO's, Department Managers and Team Leaders, and Salespeople and Sales Managers. 

There are several aspects of the Awayre Framework that share common elements. If you sign up for one of our programs, much of what you learn is directly applicable to the other roles you play. 

If you transfer between roles, a lot of what you have learned in that role comes with you so your learning does not go to waste. For example, if you go through our sales program, a lot of what you learn can be applied to your roles as a manager and a business owner. A lot of what we teach to one role is directly transferable to other roles. 

Our ideal student is someone who is expected to play at least two of these three roles at one point or another in their career. 

How We Help you Build Your Own Business Theories

We bring you Human-to-Human framework, a teachable, human-focused framework to help you build your own business philosophy, management theory and sales methods that are built - from the ground-up - around the idea that people are complex human-beings, not simplistic machine-things. Human-to-Human Framework has three components: The Way of Awareness, 7 Locks to Success and Awayre Matrix. These three components are a part of all our training and coaching programs.

Way of Awareness

The way of awareness taps the hidden capacity of human beings - their awareness - in ways that make them experientially engaged to their work and produce with effortless efficiency.

7 Locks to Success

7 Locks to Success is a process to  incrementally convert 7 obstacles that human beings put within themselves, and in their way, into a foundation for progress towards continuous  success. 

Awayre Matrix

Evolution Matrix is a collection of tools and processes that drive inside-out learning through a series of insights into the nature of things and in the nature of our own experience. 

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President, Radio King Orchestra

A Defining Moment

"If there ever was a defining moment in the success of our business, it was when we decided to do business with you.”

What Makes Us Different

Human F​​​​​​​​​o​​​​c​​​​used Approach

You get to work on all aspects of your business as we focus on its most common denominator: Its people.

Transformation Modules

Learning modules get to the depth of your humanness so you come out feeling better than going in. 

Small Dozes of Learning

You get a chance to digest and put in practice what you learned with small dozes of learning over long term. 

Below Intellectual Screen

We get to the simpler and more essential ideas underneath the complexity of your existing business knowledge.  

Psychological Safe Place

A support system where you can safely question, challenge and examine assumptions about your business, people and work. 

Insight Based Learning

Learning happens as a series of insights that go the core of your human experience so it is sustained better. 

Simple and Essential

Human-to-human framework goes to the most fundamental aspects of human condition, behaviors and interaction.  

Best Business Practices

You get to keep the best business practices you have accumulated. We bring you many more. 


Immediately Applicable

It's immediately applicable so you can apply it today to a specific real-world situation or a problem.


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CEO, Makeup Artist Pro Group

Revitalizing, Innovative, and Immediately Useful

"I have been training with Bhavesh for two months now and I can honestly say that it is the most challenging and effective workshop that I have even undertaken. I truly underestimated the wealth of focus and information that I would discover. I believe that every company should invest in this workshop because it is revitalizing, innovative, and immediately useful... I am incredibly impressed, positively shocked and very much looking forward to the next workshop.”

Our Training and Coaching Programs

  • Sales
  • Management
  • Business
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Self Mastery

What You Thought Your Business Would Be

The Way of Business Awareness

Taps hidden awareness of business people and their leaders so that they can produce business results with effortless efficiency.

Business Evolution Matrix

A collection of tools and processes that drives inside-out learning through insights into the nature of human experience.

Human-to-Human Teaching Framework: Is It Right For You?

We bring you a teachable. human-focused framework to help you build your own business philosophy, management theory and sales methods that are built - from the ground-up - around the idea that people are complex human-beings, not simplistic machine-things.  H2H Framework is a simple philosophical construct that allows me/us to help you build your own human-centric business philosophy. 

It is...

  • Small dozes of teachings over a long period of time. Requires commitment to make small, sustained changes over time. 
  • A visceral experience that inspires engagement from people who are involved in it. 
  • An experiential framework that allows you to build your own business philosophy, management theory or sales methods by practicing them in the real world. 
  • A simple framework on which you can build more complex theories and methods if you want, or keep it simple.
  • Designed to "work" in the real world and help you improve the quality and quantity of your results. 
  • Progressively built into your work-life to make it practical so it's retained and made into a habit. 

It Is Not...

  • A one-shot solution, three-day workshop, or a weekend seminar.  In other words, big dozes of training delivered in a short amount of time.
  • Intellectual, theoretical exercise removed from the daily working of a business, a team or selling activities. 
  • Yet another business philosophy, management theory or sales methodology that stops at memorizing and intellectualizing.                                                                         
  • More knowledge on top of what you already know about running a business, managing people and making a sale.   
  • Cut-off from the work-life only to be forgotten when applied in practice. 
  • Designed to impress friends and make one sound intellectually superior. 
Marc Inzelstein


Cofounder & Chief Leadership Officer, Indiggo

Wisdom, Dynamism, Integrity

"Bhavesh is clearly an asset to any person or organization that works with him. Not only is he skilled and insightful in his field of training and development; he also embodies powerful qualities of wisdom, dynamism and integrity. Whether it is through a one hour workshop or a long-term working relationship, Bhavesh will contribute significantly to your quality of work and quality of life."

I Can Teach You To 

Be Your Own Business Philosopher 

Hi, I am Bhavesh Naik, founder and creative director at Awayre, LLC.

I am probably the most under-qualified person you can find to be doing what I do. By traditional measures, I am not your “typical” trainer, coach or management consultant. I don't have a Ph.D. in Organizational Development or a Masters Degree in Human Resources. I also own no certifications from any coaching and training institutions (and plan to keep it that way).

Bhavesh Naik Photo: I Can Teach You to be Your Own Business Philosopher

I have spent more time out in the field, in the trenches, working in the business world, doing the kind of work that my workshop participants do, than in a laboratory, a classroom or in academic pursuits. Everything that I teach has been tried, tested and proven, first on myself, and second in the real world, working with my clients and students, one-on-one, in small groups and large seminars. 

At Awayre, LLC, we teach business people how to build their own business philosophies so that they can build a self-perpetuating, self-sustaining, long-lasting business success. Click the button below to get started on the journey to be Your Own Business Philosopher.

About Awayre, LLC

We teach business leaders, team managers and sales professionals how to build their own business philosophies, management theories, and selling methods that are designed around the core idea that people are complex human-beings, not simple machine-things. 

To help them build their own philosophy, we teach, train, coach, counsel, and support.

Awayre, LLC is a platform to help business professionals conceive, create, build, test, apply, and adapt their own philosophies, theories, methods and systems that work for them and their businesses. 

We do all these things for one reason and one reason only: To help business professionals build a business, an organization, a team, or a professional career they always thought they would build.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses and organizations elevate their people's work performance by unlocking their untapped humanness, and apply it to their financial results as profits and assets.

We aim to help business professionals build the world around them as a microcosm, an example, of the world they want to see, a world in which every member of the human race has equal access to peace, prosperity, freedom, opportunities and well-being.

Awayre, LLC is inspired by nature, which is a perfect combination of two opposing forces: chaos and order, creativity and discipline, inspiration and logic.

People who work with us tend to have an idealistic bent, a romantic heart and an open, enlightened mind. They are also results-oriented, financially astute and practical in business matters.

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