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We have put man on the moon and brought him home safe. We carry in the palms of our hands what used to be a giant supercomputer just a few decades ago. But we still manage our people the way we did when the Egyptians built their pyramids and the Romans built their cities: by owning those we lead and using fear to get them to do what we want them to do.

The fundamentals of business management have not changed much in the last few thousand years, the core of which is to see and "manage" people as "things." If you are to change the way of managing people, you can't build on the existing mindset. You will have to start with a clean slate. 
I present to you a new mindset, a new way of working with and managing people. I bring you Awayre - The Way of Awareness -  which allows you to become your own business philosopher. 

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Bhavesh Naik

Founder, Creative Director, Awayre, LLC

What We Do

We teach you how to build your own business philosophies, management theories, and selling methods that are designed around the core idea that people are complex human-beings, not simple machine-things. 

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President, Radio King Orchestra

A Defining Moment

"If there ever was a defining moment in the success of our business, it was when we decided to do business with you.”

What Makes Us Different

Human Focused Approach

You get to work on all aspects of your business as we focus on its most common denominator: Its people.

Transformation Modules

Learning modules get to the depth of your humanness so you come out feeling better than going in. 

Small Dozes of Learning

You get a chance to digest and put in practice what you learned with small dozes of learning over long term. 

Below Intellectual Screen

We get to the simpler and more essential ideas underneath the complexity of your existing business knowledge.  

Psychological Safe Place

A support system where you can safely question, challenge and examine assumptions about your business, people and work. 

Insight Based Learning

Learning happens as a series of insights that go the core of your human experience so it is sustained better. 

Simple and Essential

Human-to-human framework goes to the most fundamental aspects of human condition, behaviors and interaction.  

Best Business Practices

You get to keep the best business practices you have accumulated. We bring you many more. 


Immediately Applicable

It's immediately applicable so you can apply it today to a specific real-world situation or a problem.


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CEO, Makeup Artist Pro Group

Revitalizing, Innovative, and Immediately Useful

"I have been training with Bhavesh for two months now and I can honestly say that it is the most challenging and effective workshop that I have even undertaken. I truly underestimated the wealth of focus and information that I would discover. I believe that every company should invest in this workshop because it is revitalizing, innovative, and immediately useful... I am incredibly impressed, positively shocked and very much looking forward to the next workshop.”

Our Training and Coaching Programs

  • Sales
  • Management
  • Business
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Self Mastery

What You Thought Your Sales Would Be

The Way of Sales Awareness

Taps the hidden awareness of selling professionals so that they can produce sales results with effortless efficiency.

Sales Evolution Matrix

Collection of tools and processes that drives inside-out learning through a series of insights into human experience.

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Executive Coach, Bestselling Author , CEO, Innovative Leadership, LLC.

Savvy businessman, wise leader, exceptional listener

"Bhavesh is a savvy businessman, wise leader, and exceptional listener with valuable and grounded knowledge in many diverse arenas. I learn new things from him in every conversation! I wholeheartedly recommend working with Bhavesh, and just getting to know him."

I can teach you to
Be Your Own Business Philosopher

Hi, I am Bhavesh Naik, the Founder and Creator Director of Awayre, LLC.

I teach business people how to build their own business philosophies so that they can build a self-perpetuating, self-sustaining, long-lasting business success.

Click the button below to get started for free on the journey to be Your Own Business Philosopher. 

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